Welcome to Roaming

This book describes experiences that have taught me things I think worth sharing. The book is autobiographical in origin but the focus is not me but the lessons I’ve experienced.

I am writing this book on-line for several reasons.

1. My off-the-trail life has taught me things I believe are important to share with my culture. Completing this book and getting it published might take years, if ever. Working on-line makes some of the stories at least immediately accessible.

2. Putting it on-line with a Table of Contents and a reader in mind gives the book a tangible shape which helps me write and increases my motivation.

3. Some sections will be supported with video and pictures. This can easily be accommodated on-line.

4. The challenge of writing a book is that one receives very little feedback until after the book is published. “I don’t understand…”. “I really enjoyed… Can you tell me more about it?” “I disagree with what you wrote on page __ because …”

I hope you will give me feedback as you read these stories. Co-evolving with your response will help me along this project.

Table of Contents

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