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Cairns #85 – Beginning of the Long Days, 2016

Just a few more days to the end of the first school year of simply being a part-time teacher at Chrysalis. Been an interesting year. I aided Alysia with her 6th grade math class. For the first month, I worked

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Cairns #80

Helping turn the prow of our entropyship, the Earth, back upstream so that Earth’s evolving consciousness may explore the vast headwaters of the Universe for billions of years to come. Cairns #80 End of the Long Nights – 2015  Alysia

The Self-Organizing Trip – Cairns #77

The Self-Organizing Trip I’ve been too busy with multiple Chrysalis transitions to be able to write all I intended for this one. So, instead, a fairly straight-forward Chrysalis story, except for another strand I get to interweave at the end.

Cranes Calling Overhead – Cairns #76

A couple of weeks ago, a flock of about one hundred sandhill cranes, heading north, circled low over the school for fifteen minutes. I announced it over the PA and most of the Chrysalis classes came outside to watch. To

A Phenomenal Place – Cairns #66

I was driving home through Oregon after visiting my Mom. But since I had my kayak with me, I thought I would take a chance and check out the Warner Wetlands on the way. Southeastern Oregon is full of huge,

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Bonemeal – Cairns #45

From around November ’til April, a seasonal stream flows over the land. Heavy winter rains can swell it into a brown torrent a foot deep and fifty feet wide that can roll six inch diameter rocks along the streambed for

Swearing – Cairns #22

I rarely swear. It usually doesn’t bother me if other people do but my avoidance of swearing originates in a specific moment on a cross-country hike on the flanks of Mt. Lassen about ten years ago. It is a challenge