What is Possible?

My page contains links to my main interests. My over-arching interest is how nature works as a system (with flowing water as my main teacher) and the lessons this has for us. Our actions can co-evolve with the Earth in a way that either increases possibilities or decreases possibilities. Wisdom is learning how to live in a way that increases possibilities.

I self-published Shifting, a book about these ideas, in 1990. Chelsea Green republished it as Seeing Nature: Deliberate encounters with the visible world in 1999. I am currently writing RoamingĀ to explore how these ideas have grown since then. The book is being assembled on-line; I invite your comments.

I’ve been recording some of these experiences and ideas since 1994 in “Cairns of H.O.P.E.”, a quarterly newsletter which is archived here.

A significant source of these experiences come through Chrysalis Charter School, a k-8, science and nature school that Alysia and I helped found in 1996 in order to teach and explore what would emerge from a school organized on the patterns we see in nature. Chrysalis has become one of the lead examples in the nation of a teacher-led public school.

Along the way, I’ve captured some of these ideas in video.

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