Nourishing Upward Spirals

Home page of Paul Krafel

What is possible? Here I share fruits of my work and adventures. Most of it centers on three themes.

– The first is wilderness roaming that included seven seasons as a naturalist with the National Park Service and continues to this day.

– The second is my rain walks, working to spread runoff out and shift downward spirals of erosion into upward spirals of healing.

– The third is Chrysalis, the charter school Alysia and I helped create in 1996. Chrysalis is a teacher-powered K-8 school with a focus on science and nature and on teaching for understanding and creating a kind community.

About this site’s menu headings.

Roaming is a book-length autobiographical sequence of lessons I’ve learned that I feel a responsibility to share. Rather than publish a book, I have created an e-document that is free to read here on-line.

Cairns of H.O.P.E. is more than twenty years of quarterly newsletters I’ve sent to those interested in my work with Chrysalis Charter School or with my rain walk work in fields slowing runoff so more soaks in.

Videos contains a TEDx talk and a few other short talks plus a Chrysalis class lesson.

Life Stories contains some adventures from my life that don’t fit into Roaming.